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Rake Races and huge freerolls this month.           Fulltilt freeroll this month is $15,000.                          Absolute Poker freeroll is $15,000.                 These are just two of the many freerolls we offer!
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Please ensure your gambling is fun, not damaging, and remember the following:

  • You're not investing your money, you're buying some leisure time
  • Keep within set boundaries on how much time and money you're going to part with
  • If you win, or reach your cash limit, stop playing, and don't chase losses
  • Never put your family or home at risk by gambling more money than you can afford to lose
  • Ensure gambling is just one of your pastimes, not an all consuming habit
  • Keep gambling in perspective, for fun, not as an escape or stress reliever
  • Gambling within boundaries is fine, but ensure you're in control and it's not controlling you

If you consider yourself to have, or to be developing a gambling addiction please seek advice from one of the many organisations who can support you. Some are listed below. There will be others specific to your country of origin.

  1. GamCare
  2. Gamblers Anonymous
  3. National Council on Problem Gambling

Do remember to gamble responsible at all times.  

All players pay rake. We have a deal with the poker sites so our players get their rake back.

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 About Rakeback

Online poker sites earn their money by taking a portion of the players money in every cash pot and tournament. This is known as rake or fees. The rake or fees are usually 5% to 10% of any cash pot or tournament. Playing any amount of cash hands or poker tourneys accumulates a large portion of player rake and fees. To encourage players to play at their sites these poker rooms will pay anywhere from 27% to 65% of your rake paid back to you. Signing up for a poker site with us and getting the top rates we negotiate for our players ensures that you get the greatest amount of rake repayment possible from the online poker rooms. Choose your choice of online poker room from the list on the left and start earning rakeback now!